Enterprise Application Development

Dashboards, Portals, and scalable Enterprise Applications

Spark Synergy has partnered with OutSystems, the world's  #1 low-code platform to provide our customers with secure, flexible, and enterprise grade application solutions that are deployed much faster than traditional development tools and for much less cost!


Beautiful, Informative, and Responsive.

OutSystems Dashboards provide clarity into your business. These beautiful designs are based on the Silk UI themes and provide you with a responsive dashboard that functions just as effectively on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on the web on a laptop or desktop pc.

Web Apps

Fast Development, Scalable, and Secure

Businesses of all types are leveraging the incredible power, speed, security, and flexibility of OutSystems to deliver both internal and customer facing applications.

From customer facing mobile banking  applications to clinical trial management solutions, to manufacturing and transportation solutions, OutSystems provides the foundation upon which global business build applications that not only serve their customers but which run at the speed of business.

How scalable is a low-code platform?  Click here to read the latest white paper on just how scalable low-code platforms really is directly from OutSystems.