Digital Transformation

Transforming business to compete and succeed in the new world

Digital Transformation is the marriage of process automation and enabling technology that can be deployed and updated quickly and efficiently which results in value to the customer.

Charting Your Digital Transformation Journey

Every journey begins with a first step.  A Vision Workshop from Spark Synergy is the first step in defining your Digital Transformation journey.  

At Spark Synergy, we work closely with our customers to identify their strategic business goals and how the new OutSystems applications will help them achieve these goals.  The cornerstone of this understanding is the Spark Synergy Vision Workshop.  

Spark Synergy's Vision Workshop focuses on identifying the strategic business goals to be achieved by the transformation project as well as identifying those tactical objectives that need to be addressed throughout the journey.  For additional information on our Vision Workshop, please click here.

The Vision Workshop is focused on identifying not only provides context on the strategic business goals that the new application(s) will meet but the Vision Workshop also provides:

  • Detailed Application and Platform Architecture and supporting Business Process mapping.

  • OutSystems 4-Layer Canvas Architecture inclusive of; 1.) Orchestration Layer (Cross Application Orchestration, 2.) End User Layer (End User Processes), 3.) Core Layer (Core Business Services), and 4.) Library Layer (Non-business Services).

  • Low-Fidelity Application Screen Mock-up - Low-Fidelity application designed during the working sessions of the Vision Workshop.

  • High-Fidelity Application Mockup - A high-fidelity mockup of the end state application with click-through functionality and sample data. This provides our customers with a realistic view of what the future state application will look like when completed.

  • Development Project Timeline & Roadmap - A detailed project roadmap that details all of the development and testing activities, roles and responsibilities, and deployment schedules.

  • Project Cost Estimate - A detailed project development cost estimate.

At Spark Synergy, we are committed to delivering OutSystems-based solutions that deliver increased operational efficiency, broad user adoption, increase customer satisfaction, and which deliver quantifiable ROI to the business.