Mobile Dispatch Made Easy:  Mobile Dispatch Application Built Fast with low-code.

Hampton Roads Shipping Association

See how Hampton Roads Shipping Association (HRSA) developed and delivered a new Mobile Dispatch application to its 5,000 employees in 2 months. 

1 Spark Synergy

OutSystems Developer

2 Months

Project Duration

Business Challenge - 

Replace a legacy, non-supported Fox Pro-based Dispatch application with a modern, scalable, mobile application that can manage the daily assignment and dispatch of work orders to over 5,000 employees throughout the 12 ports of Virginia. This new application had to be delivered in less than 8 weeks. 

Solution - 

Spark Synergy developed a new OutSystems-based native mobile application for the Android operating system that provides a streamlined user interface, allows for easier employee check-in, printing of check-in & job orders, and scheduling of job assignments.  The new application also integrates with the OutSystems-based HRSA PortMaster application suite to validate employee training and certifications and also supports the forthcoming remote Check-in functionality.

Value Delivered - 

Legacy Dispatch application has been replaced with a new native Android mobile application that increases the speed of check-in, increases the efficiency of the Dispatch team, integrates with the OutSystems-based HRSA PortMaster Port Management product, and which provides HRSA management and HRSA customers with detailed job and dispatch operational reports.

Team Composition and Project Duration - 

The Spark Synergy team was comprised of (1) Part Time Engagement Manager and one Full Time OutSystems Developer.  The application was developed and delivered in just under 8-weeks.