Leading the Low Code Revolution
Transform your company, and your business,
on the OutSystems platform.

At Spark Synergy, we believe that technology should support and enhance your organization’s success, not constrain it. With our strategic consulting services and the OutSystems platform, we provide customized solutions that fit your unique application development and digital transformation needs. 

What We Offer

Spark Synergy provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive application development and Digital Transformation Services.  

Based on the industry-leading Low-Code platform by OutSystems, Spark Synergy delivers high-quality and highly efficient applications to your organization in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional development methods.  Check out our offerings below.

Our global team of developers focus exclusively on delivering high quality applications on the industry-leading OutSystems platform.  We provide our customers with highly efficient application development solutions that bring value to their organization.  
Whether you are looking for enterprise applications, dashboards, CRM, or financial management solutions, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Spark Synergy not only provides OutSystems application development services, we also provide our customers with Managed Services. From application support, to staff augmentation, we help our customers grow their OutSystems application base while managing costs.

Out of the world's 7 billion people, it is estimated that nearly 6 billion of them have access to a mobile device.  Mobile applications are now at the forefront of most company's strategic business plan.

Spark Synergy works with our customers to design and develop amazing mobile applications on the OutSystems platform.  From field services and banking, to travel apps, to service desk and ERP applications.  Mobile apps are now a part of the core business solutions of all companies and these mobile apps are what consumers demand.

How can you move your legacy business to become more operationally efficient while at the same time reducing development and support costs?  Digital Process and Technology Optimization (e.g. Digital Transformation) is the answer and our Digital Transformation consultants can help guide you through your journey.  Contact us today to learn how we help transform your business.